How to control Logic with the Maschine MK3


In addition to programming sounds from Maschine straight into Logic’s arrange window. It is also possible to control Logic Pro transport with the Maschine.

Since first creating this video, Native Instruments have added native control surface support for Logic Pro X and the Maschine MK3. It allows you to control Logic Pro X’s transport and set up is as simple as clicking a button when notified. But this will not allow you to use MIDI mode, which is needed to program into Logic’s arrange window. So for better functionality, keep reading/watching.

Create a Maschine template or download mine.

Each MCU Button Parameter ID serves a different function. You can see a full list of each Parameter ID here.

However, for this setup, we only need four. Play – 94, Record – 95, Stop – 93 and Loop – 86. I know that these four work. I had some issues with Click – 89 so you may want to stay clear of this one too!

If you don’t want to create a template, you can download my Controller Editor template below. Quick note – Originally, I didn’t make this available as it was causing the Controller Editor to open slowly on computers other than the one I made it on. However, since trying it again over a year later, it seems to work fine. An update with the Controller Editor probably fixed it, however, download at your own risk.

I also do not provide support for this template. Unfortunately, it’s very time-consuming to pinpoint issues in a complexed set up like this but, I’m sure you’ll do fine!

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