I’m Stefan. I make music, create tutorials and craft useful tools for the beat making community.

In 2015, just for fun, I uploaded my first beat making video to YouTube. The feedback was amazing but people wanted to learn the theory behind what I was creating. The method behind the madness. My channel quickly transitioned from an exhibition of my work into a vast educational resource for many aspiring music makers worldwide.


As the channel has grown I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top music tech companies in the world; delivering in-depth product tutorials for the likes of Native InstrumentsPropellerhead and Output to name a few.

This website is an extension of my musical escapades on YouTube where I hope to help aspiring music makers even further. Here you’ll find resources like in-depth guides, DAW templates, loop packs & drum kits.

Most of what you’ll find on this site is free but there are a few that are paid products. Come on, a brother’s got to eat!

Well, that is that. I hope you find this site a useful resource in your journey to musical greatness!