Hi, my name's Stefan. I'm a music producer & music production tutor based in London, UK. I create high quality music production tutorials for beginner & intermediate music makers.

In 2016, just for fun, I uploaded my first music production video to YouTube. The feedback was amazing but people wanted to learn the theory behind what I was creating. The method behind the madness. The channel quickly transitioned from an exhibition of my work into a vast educational resource for many aspiring music makers worldwide.

As the channel has grown I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top music tech companies in the world; delivering in-depth product tutorials for the likes of Native Instruments, Propellerhead and Output just to name a few. Click on each link to view my work on their sites.

How I got into music production

As cliches go, I grew up within a musical family made up of singers and musicians. My elder brother is a drummer and of course as a younger sibling, I followed suit.

But it was one summer, around the year 2000 and something, that a relative and her Yamaha DJX came to live with us. This gave me my first taste of production and I was hooked. I then graduated to Propellerhead's Reason - So cool that many years later I'm featured on their blog.

I then went on to study Music Technology at college followed by a BSc in Audio Design & Production at the University of Kent.

But should people have to spend thousands to get an education in music production? I don't think so. Back in the day you learnt under a mentor and on the job.

The internet has made it possible again to connect on a one-to-many or one-to-one level for free. Or at most, prices that the majority can afford. Prices that one leave you with a huge debt!

I'm so glad I'm part of a growing community of online music mentors. If you're new around here be sure to check out my content. And possibly become one of my students.

Happy Beat Making,