About Stefan Guy

Stefan Guy


Hi, I'm Stefan, a music producer & tutor from London, UK. I create music production tutorials & tools for beginner to intemidiate level aspiring music producers & artist.

This work has led to on-going partnerships with Native Instruments & Propellerhead in addition to being featured on their respective blogs. I've also had the opportunity to work alongside Output, Loopmasters, Distrokid and many other incredible music companies.


The Early Years

Born and raised in London, UK. Growing up I had the pleasure of sharing a room with my elder brother; a drummer and bass player. Despite this I had little to no interest in making music myself. It was only when a relative came to stay with us that I discovered my love for music making.

You see this relative came with a Yamaha DJX. The Yamaha DJX allowed me to make and record beats and was my first ever studio.


After a few months of using the Yamaha DJX I graduated onto Propellerhead’s Reason. This transition cemented my decision to pursue music production.

In 2007 I went on to study a Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology which helped refine what I had learnt through self-study.

Having a keen interest in science I then went on to study a BSc in Audio Design & Production at the University of Kent. Learning about acoustics, psychoacoustics and all that other beautiful stuff.

However despite graduating in 2012 I was truly disappointed by my time there. I questioned whether it was worth the time, money and looming debt. Grateful nevertheless in my opportunity to attend University, I felt it was important to give back.


In 2015, just for fun I uploaded my first music production video to YouTube. The feedback was amazing but people wanted to learn the theory behind what I was showcasing. The method behind the madness.

The channel quickly transitioned from an exhibition of my work to a vast educational resource for many aspiring music makers worldwide.

As the channel has grown I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top music tech companies in the world; delivering in-depth product tutorials for the likes of Native Instruments, Propellerhead and Output just to name a few.

No longer is having the right connections or money for formal education a criteria in pursuing a career in music production or engineering.

Despite my formal education, I’ve learnt twice as much from the comfort of my own home via internet. There’s so many great resources from YouTube, to blogs to in-depth video courses. I’m so happy to be amongst the ever growing number of music educators online.

What's next?

In 2018 the channel is still going and I upload new tutorials every week. I hope to grow a team to expand the channel’s reach and help as many aspiring music makers to the point of realising their potential as I can.

Latest Products

Popular Progressions

Popular Progressions

MIDI/Apple Loops chord pack containing over 80 Popular Chord Progressions used in my music and popular music genres such as R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip Hop.

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Trap Attack DMD

Trap Attack DMD

Logic Pro X drum template - Create unlimited custom Trap Kits with pitched 808s & custom Smart Controls for note-repeat functionality for up to six samples.

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Trap Attack II

Trap Attack II

Logic Pro X instrument patch - Create authentic Trap beats in minutes with this custom patch. Pitched 808s, clever note repeats, custom smart controls & more.

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