What I Did Last Summer: Channel Update

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From right to left – Courtney Hawkins, Shakazulu, Pat Ryan, Accurate Beats, Stefan Guy (me), Sounds & Gear, Sanjay C, Bo Beats, DDS, Mick Benjamins (The G.O.A.T), Landmarq, Datsunn, Sarah2ill, iammusicmogul, Lopop

I’m back! Back in the fold, back making beats, back to the way of old. New videos, new blog post, new tools you name it. But why am I so excited? Where has this new found energy come from.

Well, it’s to do with what I did last summer or where I went I should say. The photo above should give you a clue.


It’s me in Berlin, outside the Brandenburg gate with 13 other YouTubers & a small picking of the kid folk over at Native Instruments. You see they had flown us all out to what they called, Creator Base. The first of its kind. They brought 13 of their favourite content creators together to chill and make music. It was surreal.

Yes I’ve been working with Native Instruments for the best part of 3 years now but I tell you what, long before that they were my favourite music tech company.

To know that YouTube and the support of people like you reading this blog post got me all the way to the NI headquarters to meet the team and CEO. Mind blown.

But anyways, being around all those creative juices has me charged! Throughout September I’ve been laying the groundwork for bigger and better things for my channel and this site.

I’ll be post at least once a week whilst aiming for two or even three most weeks. I plan to do this up until the end of the year and then I’ll review.

New studio, kinda

In less exciting news, I’ve moved homes. Man that was stressful, don’t do it! I’ve moved out of my family abode into an apartment in the heart of sunny South London with noisy neighbours. And it’s from here I write you today.

Obviously, a new location means a new home studio setup. So if you’ve been watching my new videos and wonder what’s off, now you know.

I plan to break down my new setup in a new video soon. Stay tuned.

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