Trap Attack I

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Trap Attack I creates a much quicker way to program Trap drum patterns in Logic Pro X.

Trap Attack I is a free Trap drum patch for Logic Pro X. The project began after trying to find a faster way to program trap drums. I’ve always found programming trap drums within the piano-roll, long-winded and somewhat uninspired. Not to say that it’s the wrong way to do things, it’s just not my preference. I feel more connected to the beat with the tactile feedback of a set of drum pads or even the keys on a MIDI keyboard.

Obviously trying to play in fast hi-hat patterns is pretty much impossible, for even the best of finger drummers. To overcome this issue, at first I began using Logic’s arpeggiators to generate my hi-hat note repeats. It’s also possible to use Logic’s “Note Repeater” MIDI FX. But the issue with both of these solutions is that they cause every drum element, kick, snare and clap alike to all note repeat at the same rate.

So, with some clever programming I created Trap Attack I. A single kit with multiple claps, snares and hi-hats mapped across the keyboard. The keyboard is then split into different zones. Each zone rolls at a different rate.

This allows you to manufacture or improvise hi-hat and snare patterns and record at the same time. You can download it for free via the button below. It's had over 70,000 downloads!

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