Teyana Taylor – 3 Way

In this video we look at a chord progression from Teyana Taylor’s – 3 Way ft. Ty Dolla $ign. Make what you will of the lyrical content lol but the chords are definitely nothing to turn your nose up at.

Its use of cluster chords gives it so much flavour. We talk more on that in the video. This track is in Eb minor and its chord progression goes as follows: i – VII – VI/V – iv7 – IV/V – V.

Listen to the track

Listen to how the chords slightly change throughout? This keeps the track interesting as it’s not just this constant loop and adds to the emotion of the track.

It sounds like the keyboardist, who I think was probably Rodney Jerkins (Dark Child), played through the whole track. This gives plenty opportunity for natural variation. This is one of the benefits of actually learning how to play, or calling in a musician.

Download 90 more chord progressions.

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