Producing For Summer Walker

In this video we produce a beat for an R&B singer like Summer Walker. Inspired by producer London On Da Track we sample an R&B song from 1995 and use it as the foundation of our beat. s of the modern Trap dominated era.

Producing For Kehlani

In this video, we produce a beat for an R&B singer like Kehlani. A beat influenced by classic songs from the late 90s, early 00s era & constructed with the sounds of the modern Trap dominated era.

I Made An Entire Beat With One Synth

In this video we make an entire beat from scratch using just one VST – Lethal by Lethal Audio. Lethal is a ROMpler synth with over 50 GB of sounds & is available through LANDR on a rent-to-own basis. So let’s see what we can cook!

I Finally Tried Serum

I know I’m late! But I saw Serum on Splice and I thought I’d finally give it ago. It has a free trial. Serum is an extremely versatile and advanced wavetable synthesiser. Check out what I cook up on our first outing together.

My First Beat With Massive X

So Native Instruments just dropped the long awaited successor to their flagship synthesiser Massive. An “iconic synthesiser that helped spawn entire genres.” As a long time user of Massive, I was super excited to get my hands on Massive X. Here’s what I made.