Soulection Type Beat – Reason 11.2 MIDI Out

So Reason 11.2 just dropped and it’s a big one. Why? Because it adds the much requested feature of MIDI Out functionality to its plugin. This opens the door to using Reason’s Redrum and players like Scales & Chords inside of third party DAWs like Logic Pro X.

Teyana Taylor – 3 Way

In this video we look at a chord progression from Teyana Taylor’s – 3 Way ft. Ty Dolla $ign. Make what you will of the lyrical content lol but the chords are definitely nothing to turn your nose up at.

R&B Chords Sound Selection

Having dope chord progressions is only half the battle, so knowing what sounds to use with your chords is essential. In this video we take a brief look at my sound selection process for R&B chords.

Summer Walker Chord Progression

I had “Girls Need Love” on repeat all day every day when it dropped back in 2018. It’s such a dope track, from its beat, to its lyrics, vocal arrangement and of course its chords.

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Chord Progression

In this week’s chord progression video we look at a chord progression by R&B legends Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. These are the guys responsible for the music behind Janet Jackson, S.O.S band & New Edition to mention a small few.

H.E.R. Type Chord Progression – Tutorial

In this video we look at a H.E.R inspired R&B chord progression I cooked up for this lesson. This chord progression features some of my favourite types of chords; the minor 9 in root position, the dominant 7 flat 9 and the dominant 9sus4. If you take nothing else from this lesson, here’s three chords to add to your arsenal.

I Made An Entire Beat With One Synth

In this video we make an entire beat from scratch using just one VST – Lethal by Lethal Audio. Lethal is a ROMpler synth with over 50 GB of sounds & is available through LANDR on a rent-to-own basis. So let’s see what we can cook!

Making Future Soul

Soulful chords and futuristic sounds. Oh “now you’re talking my, now you’re talking my language” – Drake – The Language.

In this tutorial I make a Future Soul Beat in Logic Pro X from scratch. But it doesn’t end with making the beat, see this beat get professionally mixed by my bro Sean Divine.

Voicing R&B Chords: 7ths

Ever wanted to play rich R&B chords? In this video we look at R&B chord voicing. The types of chords we play in R&B and how to arrange them on the keyboard for warmth and flavour.