Soulful Chords – Victoria Monét (Breakdown)

In this video we breakdown the three different chord progressions I used in my Victoria Monét remix video, as requested. The chord progression is built around chords covered in previous tutorials – dominant 9sus4s, diminished chords etc.

R&B Passing Chords: Half-Diminished Chords

Half-Diminished chords otherwise known as m7b5 chords are divine! I love this chord and so does everybody else. It’s used in Jazz, Gospel and of course my specialty, R&B. And, is a fantastic passing chord.

R&B Passing Chords: Diminished Chords

Passing chords are used as vehicles of movement between the foundational chords of a chord progression. They’re not essential to the chord progression but the addition of them can add flavour to the progression. Such flavours as tension or suspense for example or even artistic flair.

Voicing Neo-Soul Chords: 9ths

In this tutorial we look at a simple way to voice Neo-Soul 9th chords. Learn how we can use Neo-Soul 9th chords to capture the iconic and unique Neo-Soul sound used by artist like Jill Scott and Music Soul Child.

Writing Emotional Chord Progressions & Melodies

Sadly, heartbreak is universal, we’ve all been there. That’s why sad songs do so well, they speak to us all. We all find a connection. But it’s not just the lyrics that achieve this connection or make us feel a certain way. Maybe even more so it’s the choice of chords and melodies.

Voicing R&B Chords: 7ths

Ever wanted to play rich R&B chords? In this video we look at R&B chord voicing. The types of chords we play in R&B and how to arrange them on the keyboard for warmth and flavour.

R&B’s Most Used Chord Progression 2-5-1

The 2-5-1 movement is used right across music but heavily in Soul, Gospel and Jazz music.

R&B has adopted this progression and usage and has gone to town with it. We used to hear it a lot in the 90s but now its back in full effect. You’ll hear it in 1 out of 10 R&B with Trap style drum songs. From Chris Breezy to Kehlani and everyone in-between.

Why You Need Inversions

So I’ve been doing quite a few music theory/chord progression videos as of late. And although I list the chords in the videos, I’m often playing inversions of said chords. Why? Well that’s what I’ll explain in this video and explain when, why and how you need to use inversions too.