Summer Walker – Girls Need Love Chord Progression


I had “Girls Need Love” on repeat all day, every-day when it dropped back in 2018. It’s such a dope track, from its beat to its lyrics, vocal arrangement and of course its chords.

This track does something you don’t hear very often these days in R&B. It has three distinct chord progressions, one for each section – verse, pre-chorus and chorus, well what I’m calling the chorus. It has a pretty unique arrangement, and the song is only 2 minutes long!

But this keeps the track interesting. It’s always developing and progressing. 

In this video, we look at the third section, in what I’m rightly or wrongly calling the chorus.

Chord Diagrams

So as mentioned in the video above, this track is in the key of F#m. And its progression goes as fellows: 6-7-#7-1 4-2-#7-1. Where I’ve played a #7 you can also play a 5. This SG Progression #15 of 97 in my full chord pack.

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