70% of good music production is just using the right sounds & samples. Using the correct sounds will not only make your beats sound more professional but will also make mixing 10x easier.

Sadly many producers get this wrong. Why? Because stock sounds that come with your DAW are often unprocessed and far from what we hear on the radio. Plus, loops are generic and not reflective of current trends. Thankfully there’s a solution.

For years now I’ve used a service called Splice for my loops & samples. In this post I want to talk about why I use it and why you should too.

TLDR? Check out the video below to see how I use it.

Curated Sounds

As eluded to above, choosing the right sounds is almost everything. With Splice finding the right sounds becomes laughably easy. With a huge library of sounds and extensive search capabilities, the right sound is always only a few clicks away.

Search via genre, Hip Hop, Trap, RnB for example, to load in a full sound palette for said genre - drums, vocal samples, fx etc.

Search via instrument to find loops and one-shots that are pre-mixed and washed in creative effects that will give your tracks character.

Search presets for Serum, Sylenth, Spire and Massive.

Simply put, gain access to the modern sounds that you hear on the radio. Splice is partnered with the best sound design labels. Many of your favourite producers have kits on Splice. Many of your favourite producers use Splice!

splice software

Industry standard plugins you can actually afford.

When I first started making beats I couldn’t afford plugins. Other than not using them, the only option I had was to obtain them by less than ethical means, if you catch my drift. However this led to visiting dodgy sites, using outdated software and being inundated with bugs and crashes. Not to mention the ethics and money taken out of the pockets of the hard working developers.

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re in the same boat now that I was in when I first started out and for quite some years after. Let’s face it, plugins are not cheap!

Thankfully Splice have stepped in again and have been leaders in a new customer focused offering called "Rent-To-Own". This is where you can essential pay for plugins, VSTs and some DAWs monthly like you would a car but without the interest.

Should you stop making music one month however you’re allowed to hit pause on your payments. You’ll lose access to the plugin for that month but can pick right back where you left off whenever.

Check out & try some of Splice’s plugins here.

Here’s the plugins I use.

It’s a no brainer

For me, Splice is an absolute no brainer. Before you invest in VSTs or sample libraries like Komplete. Get Splice. The samples and loops are exceptional in quality, royalty free and yours to keep forever after downloading. Even after you’ve cancelled your subscription. Heck it’s cheaper than a Netflix.


This guy gets it.

Now this is investing in your craft.  Want to invest in yours too? Try Splice free.