R&B Chords Sound Selection

Having dope chord progressions is only half the battle, so knowing what sounds to use with your chords is essential. In this video we take a brief look at my sound selection process for R&B chords.

I’ve collaborated with Native Instruments to showcase some of my favourite sound libraries and synths from the music tech giant.

Maverick Piano

The Maverick Piano is my go to piano. It sounds authentic and provides a plethora of controls to shape the sound to taste. What more can you ask for? It’s a sweet piano, that sounds like a sweet piano.

Although I have many other pianos, this is the one that does it for me. I try to keep a consistent “sound” throughout my music. Get Maverick Piano

Scarbee Mark I

Add some soul to your beats. Warm tones that you’ll feel in your bones. The Mark I is legendary and Scarbee do a phenomenal job of emulating it. What’s more to say? Get the Scarbee Mark I


Let’s face it, the same chord progressions are being used over and over again today in R&B. You know, I know it. 2-5-1s, 7-3-6s – it’s relentless. But what if there was a way to make these same chord progressions sound more interesting?

There is and it’s called movement. Form is one of my favourite synths and it’s all about movement. It’s what I used in the H.E.R video. Get Form


The FM8, the successor of the FM7 is based off of the legendary Yamaha DX7. An FM synth (frequency modulator).

A lot of your favourite R&B joints would have used this keyboard. It’s a sure way to get that quintessential R&B flavour. Get FM8

With Form and FM8 using modulation, it would suffice to say that modulation is the key to creating movement. But did you know we have modulation fx too. Like phasers, flangers and choruses? Click on the link to check out the ones I use from Native Instruments.

Session Guitarist Sunburst Electric

Another way to create movement is through broken chords or arpeggios. And I really love the way these can sound of guitar. Unfortunately I suck at guitar and I should really practice guitar more but I don’t. So I use Session Guitarist: Sunburst Electric!

This guitar sounds amazing and can play pretty much any chord I throw at it, making it great for my chord progressions. Get Session Guitarist: Sunburst Electric

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