One Finger Chord Progressions – Reason Rack

Stefan GuyBeat Making, Logic Pro X

In this video we look at a device in the Reason Rack Plugin that can help us write dope chord progressions that set the foundation for our beats. And then we build one!

We also take a brief look at how we can use Logic’s automation to build chord progressions with a diverse range of chord types & voicing.

Phrygian Scale?

The Phrygian Scale is the third mode of major but simply put, it’s the same as a minor scale with the 2nd degree (second note) flattened. Hence why in the video we use a Bb as oppose to a B natural.

Kong Patch

I like to use the same drum kit in pretty much every beat. However, there are times when I like to switch it up. But to save time I create templates where the pad outputs are already pre-mapped. I mainly use an 8 Stereo Out setup for 8 stereo drum samples

Download my Kong patch free. (Please note when loading in samples – Click the drop down menu labelled “Show Drum and FX” then drag & drop your samples into the NN-Nano. WARNING: Failing to do this and instead dragging a sample directly onto a pad will reset its output.) See image below.

To use you must have Logic Pro X (10.4.8) and Reason 11 installed (try free here) and must place .patch file in your music > audio music apps > patches > instruments folder. You’ll then be able to locate your patch in Logic’s Library (Press L to open) and under User Patches.

If you do not see it then either restart Logic or simply click on the gear icon in the Library and click “Refresh Library”.

Try Reason 11 free for 30 days

Here you can try the full version of Reason 11, which includes the Reason Rack plugin for free.

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