Trap Attack DMD

Logic Pro X Trap Drum Kit Template

Create unlimited custom Trap Kits with Trap Attack DMD. With 6 note repeat knobs in a single kit, program 🔥 hi-hat patterns in seconds.

Trap Attack DMD is built using Logic Pro X's Drum Machine Designer.

Can't I just use Logic Pro's Note Repeat MIDI FX for free?

Yes you could, however with this, you can only load one note repeat per kit. This means if you use three hi-hats in your beat, you would need to load three EXS24s for example. One for each hi-hat. This is slow and takes up precious CPU.

Trap Attack DMD is designed to let you control the note repeat of up to six samples in the SAME kit.

This achieves three things: -

  • It saves CPU
  • It saves time
  • It allows you to play in patterns

Key Features

  • Set note repeat for 6 samples
  • Auto 808 bass keyboard mapping
  • Drag & drop stock & 3rd party samples
  • Individual drum lanes & mix channels
  • 4 Comprehensive video tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this included Trap Attack BTRY?

No, Trap Attack BTRY - the Battery 4 version is a separate product and has been discontinued.

What digital audio workstations can I use this with?

Trap Attack DMD requires Logic 10.2.4 or above. It does not work with any other DAW as it uses features exclusive to Logic Pro X.

Does this work with GarageBand?

No, GarageBand doesn't have the necessary functionality to built such a template unfortunately.

Does this include any samples?

No, Trap Attack DMD is a template. It's sole purpose is to provide you with a drag and drop template to create and save Trap drum kits. Your samples will automatically be set up for note repeats.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. There is a 14-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with Trap Attack DMD.

Secure checkout with PayPal. No account required.

14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Digital download. This item will be available for immediate download after purchase completion.

Stefan Guy


Hi, I'm Stefan, a music producer & tutor from London, UK. I create music production tutorials & tools for beginner to intemidiate level aspiring music producers & artist.

This work has led to partnerships with Native Instruments & Propellerhead in addition to being featured on their respective blogs. I've also had the opportunity to work alongside Output, Loopmasters, Distrokid and many other incredible music companies.

System Requirements

Logic Pro X: 10.2.4 or above

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