Trap Attack II


Trap Attack II is a Logic Pro X Trap drum patch. Create inspired Trap drum patterns on the fly with hi-hat rolls & a pitched 808 bass.

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Many of you wonder how I make my Trap beats. Most FL Studio users draw in their Trap patterns in the Piano Roll but as a Logic Pro X user I like to play mine live. This allows me to vibe and cook up ideas on the fly.

Creating Trap beats in Logic this way is generally super long winded. So I created Trap Attack II to do just that, cook up Trap beats & ideas on the fly. No more time spent zoomed in on that darn piano roll toggling back and forth between grid resolutions.

Trap Attack II is a Logic Pro X patch that uses multiple Arpeggiator MIDI FXs at different key ranges to create a kit with varying note repeat rates (roll rates).

Then gives you control over the note repeat rates (roll rates) using Smart Controls.

It uses the EXS24 multiple output function and Logic Pro X’s Track Stacks to create a drum patch with a mix channel and track for each drum element.

Finally it includes a perfectly pitched 808 bass mapped across the keyboard.

You’ll Get

1x Logic Pro X Patch
1x Kick
1x 808 Bass
3x Snare
2x Clap
1x Snap
1x Hi-Hat
1x Reverse Cymbal

System Requirements

Logic Pro X 10.0.7 or above.

Refund Policy

If you do not find Trap Attack II useful shoot me an email within 14 days of your purchase & I’ll give you a full refund.