Trap Attack DMD


Trap Attack DMD is a Logic Pro X Trap drums patch and template. It allows you to control the roll rate of up to 6 samples in a single kit. Perfect for crazy hi-hat patterns.



Many of you asked me for my Trap Drum Machine Designer patch so here it is!
It’s a great way to easily make Trap kits & Trap beats inside of Logic Pro X.

It uses Smart Controls to control the individual note repeat rate (roll rate) of up to six different samples within the same kit. So you can create complex hi-hat patterns with an array of different hi-hats all within the same kit, for example. 

Alternatively you could load up multiple instances of your drum sampler and load one hi-hat into each instance. And then finally use Logic’s Note Repeater on each instance to set the note repeat rate (roll rate). A valid method albeit time consuming, clunky and more CPU intensive. Imagine loading a whole EXS24 just for 1 hi-hat – that’s what I used to do.

Trap Attack DMD provides a clean alternative and one that can be used over and over again with different samples.

You’ll Get

1x Logic Pro X Patch
1x User Guide
4x Video Tutorial

System Requirements

Logic Pro X 10.2.4 or above.

Refund Policy

If you do not find the Trap patch useful shoot me an email within 14 days of your purchase & I’ll give you a full refund.