Producing For Summer Walker


In this tutorial, we produce a beat for an R&B singer like Summer Walker. To create this track, I found inspiration in producer London On Da Track.

London On Da Track produced many of the tracks on Summer Walker’s latest album. So I thought it fitting to take his production philosophy for this project and work around a 90s R&B sample.

Sampling 90s

According to Tracklib – in 2019, 20% of the R&B records in the Billboard 100 contained a sample. With 1995 being the average year sampled. Love it or hate it – this has already become a trope of modern R&B.

I have mixed feelings, being a 90s baby. It can be somewhat strange hearing my favourite songs as samples. Sometimes producers do them justice, other times not so much. The question is, have I done justice with my sample of Kut Klose’s “Get Up On It”?

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