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I Made An Entire Beat With One Synth

In this video we make an entire beat from scratch using just one VST – Lethal by Lethal Audio. Lethal is a ROMpler synth with over 50 GB of sounds & is available through LANDR on...

I Finally Tried Serum

I know I’m late! But I saw Serum on Splice and I thought I’d finally give it ago. It has a free trial. Serum is an extremely versatile and advanced wavetable synthesiser. Check out what I cook...

My First Beat With Massive X

So Native Instruments just dropped the long awaited successor to their flagship synthesiser Massive. An “iconic synthesiser that helped spawn entire genres.” As a long time user of Massive, I was super excited to get my...

Using Battery 4 In Logic Pro X

Let’s face it, the Ultrabeat sucks! Battery 4 is my drum sampler of choice whilst working in Logic Pro X. Battery 4 is a powerful tool and like with a lot of VSTs, there’s many ways...

Creating Neo-Soul

In this tutorial we look at creating a Neo-Soul beat using some of the techniques learnt in previous Neo-Soul tutorials. In addition we look at sound selection and our rhythm and bass sections.

How to Use Maschine In Logic Pro X

In the first video, we look at a basic implementation. One that allows us to program sounds from Maschine straight to Logic’s arrange window.

Voicing Neo-Soul Chords: 9ths

In this tutorial we look at a simple way to voice Neo-Soul 9th chords. Learn how we can use Neo-Soul 9th chords to capture the iconic and unique Neo-Soul sound used by artist like Jill Scott...

Making Future Soul

Soulful chords and futuristic sounds. Oh “now you’re talking my, now you’re talking my language” – Drake – The Language. In this tutorial I make a Future Soul Beat in Logic Pro X from scratch. But...

Writing Emotional Chord Progressions & Melodies

Sadly, heartbreak is universal, we’ve all been there. That’s why sad songs do so well, they speak to us all. We all find a connection. But it’s not just the lyrics that achieve this connection or...