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Soulful Chords – Victoria Monét (Breakdown)

In this video we breakdown the three different chord progressions I used in my Victoria Monét remix video, as requested. The chord progression is built around chords covered in previous tutorials – dominant 9sus4s, diminished chords...

R&B Passing Chords: Half-Diminished Chords

Half-Diminished chords otherwise known as m7b5 chords are divine! I love this chord and so does everybody else. It’s used in Jazz, Gospel and of course my specialty, R&B. And, is a fantastic passing chord.

R&B Passing Chords: Diminished Chords

Passing chords are used as vehicles of movement between the foundational chords of a chord progression. They’re not essential to the chord progression but the addition of them can add flavour to the progression. Such flavours...

Teyana Taylor – 3 Way

In this video we look at a chord progression from Teyana Taylor’s – 3 Way ft. Ty Dolla $ign. Make what you will of the lyrical content lol but the chords are definitely nothing to turn...

Summer Walker Chord Progression

I had “Girls Need Love” on repeat all day every day when it dropped back in 2018. It’s such a dope track, from its beat, to its lyrics, vocal arrangement and of course its chords.

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Chord Progression

In this week’s chord progression video we look at a chord progression by R&B legends Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. These are the guys responsible for the music behind Janet Jackson, S.O.S band & New Edition...

Chords For The Chilliest Beats

In this tutorial we look at 4 chords that are perfect for creating that chilled vibe a lot of us are after. Lo-Fi beats, Hip Hop, Soul, you name it.

H.E.R. Type Chord Progression – Tutorial

In this video we look at a H.E.R inspired R&B chord progression I cooked up for this lesson. This chord progression features some of my favourite types of chords; the minor 9 in root position, the...

Classic Neo-Soul Chord Progressions

9th chords, sweet, sweet 9th chords – when voiced correctly, they instantly give you that beautiful Neo-Soul vibe. In this tutorial I’m going to show you three classic Neo-Soul chord progressions built around 9th chords. They’re...