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Reason Rack Plugin – Logic Pro X

The Reason Rack Plugin VST dropped a few weeks ago with Reason 11 making the plugin available for a number of DAWs, Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio etc. But today Reason Studios dropped the AU version which...

Using Battery 4 In Logic Pro X

Let’s face it, the Ultrabeat sucks! Battery 4 is my drum sampler of choice whilst working in Logic Pro X. Battery 4 is a powerful tool and like with a lot of VSTs, there’s many ways...

How to Use Maschine In Logic Pro X

In the first video, we look at a basic implementation. One that allows us to program sounds from Maschine straight to Logic’s arrange window.

Using the Maschine Mikro MK3 in Logic Pro X

In this video learn how to use the Maschine Mikro MK3 in MIDI mode inside of Logic Pro X. This workflow will allow you to record Maschine sounds directly inside Logic Pro X using your Maschine...

Headphone Mixes In Logic Pro X

As an engineer sometimes you’ll want or need a separate mix to what the vocalist is hearing. Most professional studios are set up to provide this via an outboard mixing desk. However this is still easily...

Recording Vocals In Logic Pro X

In this video we look at recording vocals in Logic Pro X. We touch on set up, mic positioning and placement as well as ways to create more natural sounding takes in Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro X Trap Drum Patch

Trap Attack I is a free Trap drum sample pack and instrument patch for Logic Pro X. It’s designed to make programming trap drums in Logic Pro X extremely easy.