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Producing For Summer Walker

In this video we produce a beat for an R&B singer like Summer Walker. Inspired by producer London On Da Track we sample an R&B song from 1995 and use it as the foundation of our...

Producing For Kehlani

In this video, we produce a beat for an R&B singer like Kehlani. A beat influenced by classic songs from the late 90s, early 00s era & constructed with the sounds of the modern Trap dominated...

Soulful Chords – Victoria Monét (Breakdown)

In this video we breakdown the three different chord progressions I used in my Victoria Monét remix video, as requested. The chord progression is built around chords covered in previous tutorials – dominant 9sus4s, diminished chords...

#StayInCreate – Free Plugins

More freebies to help us through this difficult time! Loopmasters & Plugin Boutique have partnered with iZotope & Producertech and have put together a package called #StayInCreate.

Quarantine A Capella

With most of us stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Victoria Monét has come in clutch. How? By delivering us a beautifully executed acapella where she details her and many of our experiences during this...

R&B Passing Chords: Half-Diminished Chords

Half-Diminished chords otherwise known as m7b5 chords are divine! I love this chord and so does everybody else. It’s used in Jazz, Gospel and of course my specialty, R&B. And, is a fantastic passing chord.

Soulection Type Beat – Reason 11.2 MIDI Out

So Reason 11.2 just dropped and it’s a big one. Why? Because it adds the much requested feature of MIDI Out functionality to its plugin. This opens the door to using Reason’s Redrum and players like...

R&B Passing Chords: Diminished Chords

Passing chords are used as vehicles of movement between the foundational chords of a chord progression. They’re not essential to the chord progression but the addition of them can add flavour to the progression. Such flavours...

Magnetic Coast – Expansion

Magnetic Coast is Native Instruments’ latest expansion, “inspired by the polychromatic productions of Flying Lotus, NxWorries and others”. Say no more my friend, that’s all I needed to hear.