Classic Neo-Soul Chord Progressions


9th chords, sweet, sweet 9th chords – when voiced correctly, they instantly give you that beautiful Neo-Soul vibe. And with Neo-Soul being a cousin of R&B, these chords can easily work in both genres.

One of the chord progressions in this video is taken straight from an rnb joint in fact!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you three classic Neo-Soul chord progressions built around 9th chords. They’re so simple, but sound so good.

Destiny’s Child Girl

This chord progression is an excellent example of both major and minor 9th chords. As mentioned in the video, this chord progression somewhat breaks the rules; on its second passthrough finishing on a minor 9 chord. This chord is out of key, but it works and is what makes the song unique.

John Legend – Ordinary People

This chord progression shows us how much we can do with just three chords. It’s also proof that major doesn’t always mean happy. This chord progression is quite emotional and pensive if you ask me.

Jill Scott – Gettin’ In The Way

A neo-soul classic giving us nothing but major 9 chords.

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