Kiana Ledé – Show Love Chord Progression

Like Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love”, Kiana Ledé’s “Show love” was another song I had on heavy rotation in 2018. It was a good year for R&B.

This particular track sounds like it’s based around a sample that’s had its tempo and subsequently, its pitch altered. The main sound with our chords sounds warped, and slightly out of key. However, this adds character to the track. An easy way to achieve this without sampling is with a plugin like the RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio. I use it on a number of my tracks and maybe it’s what the producer(s) used too.

Despite this however, we’re still able to quite clearly decipher the chords. And in contrast to a number of the progressions we’ve looked at, at Quintessential RNB, this one is pretty simple.

Chord Diagrams

It’s based around two chords in the verse, the 6 and the 4. This cycles several times and then ends with a beautiful 4, 3, 2 chord progression as shown in the video.

The inversions used makes this run particularly impactful, as in the left hand we’re moving down the keyboard and in our right our chords are moving upwards.

Download this chord progression
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