Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Chord Progression

In this week’s chord progression video we look at a chord progression by R&B legends Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. These are the guys responsible for the music behind Janet Jackson, S.O.S band & New Edition to mention a small few.

Chord Diagrams

This week’s chords are a lot simpler than previous weeks. The chords in this progression are limited to basic major and minor triad chords.
The chord progression in the original song is shrouded by so many amazing harmonies I thought I’d strip it back and keep it basic as there’s so many possibilities.

Nevertheless from here, one can build on the chord progression with major and minor 7ths and experiment with larger extended chords if one really wants to get fancy.

However for this chord progression tutorial, I wanted to showcase how rhythm can play a huge part in making a chord progression sound good, sound different and become more memorable. I hope you got that from the tutorial. Download this chord progression as a MIDI file.


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