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how to make beats - Stefan guyFree beat making tutorials, tips, tricks & tools.

Welcome to stefanguy.com, a beat making training site for beginner and intermediate beat makers. Here you can learn the fundamentals of beat making through clear and concise lessons that are enjoyable to watch. Join over 20,000 other beat makers learning how to make beats with the best beat making tips, tricks and techniques.

Who is Stefan Guy?

I’m that guy on the right, unless you’re reading this on mobile in which you cannot see my beautiful face. All kidding aside, I’m a music tech enthusiast and educator. Back in 2012 I graduated with a BSc in Audio Design and production but honestly I wish I never did. Blasphemy! Wait, let me explain. Most of what I know now regarding how to make beats, I learned online. Not from a lecturer or from inside a class room but from within the comfort of my own home.

Just like you I watched videos on YouTube and read articles online to help improve my craft. In fact I’m still learning today but now whatever I learn, I share. You can hear some of my beats over at MFW Beats.

New to beat making?

If you’re new to beat making then you are in the right place my friend. Because I have tonnes of free material that will help grow and cultivate your skills as a beat maker. So join my YouTube channel for free beat making tutorials every week.

Furthermore, if you’re currently in the process of building your own home studio, see my guide.

Perfect tools for Logic Pro.

As well as tutorials on beat making I also create tools. Designed to work with Logic Pro X I have crafted affordable and practical tools to help beginners create authentic music. From genres like Trap with my Trap Attack drum series that helps users craft original Trap drum beats. To Pop and R&B genres with Popular ProGressions, a loop pack consisting of 80 popular chord progressions.

Free downloads!

Finally, everybody loves a freebie right? You know this and I know this too. Besides, you’re just starting out and this home studio business can get real expensive! So check out these free beat making tools.

Happy Beat Making,

Stefan Guy