H.E.R. Inspired R&B Chord Progression

In this tutorial, we look at a “H.E.R” inspired R&B chord progression I cooked up.

This chord progression features some of my favourite types of chords; the minor 9 in root position, the dominant 7 flat 9 and the dominant 9 sus4. If you take nothing else from this lesson, here’s three chords to add to your arsenal.

Chord diagrams

Here are the chord diagrams for the 9 chords featured in this tutorial. The last three chords are bonus chords. I’ve simply added a single note in each case to create a “phatter” warmer tone. As I mentioned in the tutorial, “phatter” is not always better, there’s a time and a place – I’ve included these to give you the option and add some chords to your working knowledge. This is SG Progression #22 of 97 in my full chord pack.

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