Creating Neo-Soul

In this tutorial we look at creating a Neo-Soul beat using some of the techniques learnt in previous Neo-Soul tutorials. In addition we look at sound selection and our rhythm and bass sections.

I bought my brother in for this one, a drummer and bass player.

Dude, what's with the Spiderman sock?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Although Marvel fans in my family, the fact that it’s a Spider-Man sock is lesser the point. The point is to help muffle the bass. With a real bass you often get a “stringy” sound; the sound of the strings naturally ringing out. This doesn’t sound very good, not for this genre of music at least. So using a sock, helps prevent this. There are other methods too but this is a quick and “dirty” method. Dirty as in hack, the sock was clean, I promise.

Brush up on your Neo-Soul Chords

Check out my tutorial looking at major and minor 9ths.

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