Creating Headphone Mixes In Logic Pro X

Stefan GuyLogic Pro X

Create separate headphone mixes for yourself & your artist in Logic Pro x.

Working from within my home studio for some years now I’ve recorded a lot of vocals. Sessions have always gone ok but I’ve always hated having to wear headphones. I’ve never had the privilege of a separate control room and you’re probably in the same boat. When I’ve visited or worked in big studios the engineer has always had his/her own mix on the desk, listening to the recording how he/she wants to. I knew there had to be a way to create a similar set up inside of Logic. Where I could turn things down if my ears began to fatigue or just turn that loud click down.

So I got to work and in the end it was incredibly simple. For years I’ve known about aggregate devices but never thought to combine the built-in output with my audio interface. Once I did that, I was in business!

In this video we look at recording vocals in Logic Pro X. We touch on set up, creating your own headphone mix and dealing with latency in Logic Pro X. Vocal Template – (Advanced) incorporates a new Logic Pro X workflow I have adopted when working with vocalist. It allows me to create my own headphone mix that differs from the headphone mix of my vocalist. I love this new set up and thought you might do too, so I created another free template!

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