97 chord progressions you'll use in every beat.

I've recorded my favourite R&B, soulful and pop progressions. And exported them as MIDI files for you to use in your beats.

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Find the perfect chords for your song.

Waste no time finding the right chord progression. Audition each chord progression in the same key and tempo as your project - in real-time.

Logic Pro & GarageBand

Find the inspiration to finish more beats.

These chord progressions are enough to inspire thousands of new beats, help you complete more projects and improve your overall sound.
All DAWs

Find the advanced chords progressions you've needed.

This pack will teach you how to play simple and complexed chords with clear PDF diagrams - making this the last chord pack you'll need. 

Actually learn chord progressions.

Work with the included PDF chord charts and level up your knowledge of advanced chords and chord progressions.
SG Chord Pack PDF Chord Chart Example
Smooth chord connoisseur...
Native Instruments
If you enjoy the world of R&B production, Stefan Guy is your guy (pun intended)
97 MIDI files compatible with all DAWs
97 Apple Loops for Logic Pro/GarageBand
97 PDF chord progression charts
Bonus progressions H.E.R., Kiana Lede, Mya
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