Chilled Chords

In this tutorial, we look at four chords perfect for creating a chilled vibe. You can use these chords in R&B beats with a Lo-Fi or Hip Hop flavour. Using 9th chords instead of 7th chords gives this progression more of a soulful flavour, but the bounds or R&B are vast.

Chord Diagrams

This chord progression is very similar to the chord progression used in my H.E.R. chords tutorial. Once again, we use a Dm9 and an A9sus4. However, we’ve added an extra E to our A9sus4 one octave up; this creates dissonance as it clashes with the adjacent D. Dissonance adds warmth, warmth adds calm. We voice our G9us4 the same way. Man, I love what I cooked up here; this chord progression is tasty!

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