Chords For The Chilliest Beats

In this tutorial we look at 4 chords that are perfect for creating that chilled vibe a lot of us are after. Lo-Fi beats, Hip Hop, Soul, you name it.

Chord Diagrams

View the 4 chords featured in this chord progression below. This chord progression is very similar to the progression used in my H.E.R. chords tutorial. Once we again we use a Dm9 and an A9sus4. However we’ve added an extra E to our A9sus4 one octave up. This creates dissonance as it clashes with the adjacent D. We voice our G9sus4 exactly the same way.


Download 90 more chord progressions.

Download 90 chord progressions like this that you can drag & drop into your beats. (Apple Loops, MIDI & WAV files).

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