Using Maschine MK3 Inside Logic Pro X

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Improve your beats

There are many different ways to use Native Instruments’ Maschine inside of Logic Pro X. But in this post we’ll look at two, the two you’d most likely want to use. The two that make the most sense. Now I’ll be the first to say this, the Maschine MK3 is a beast but only whilst in its natural habitat. If … Read More

R&B’s Most Used Chord Progression

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R&B chord progressions stefan guy

I love making R&B, it’s my favourite genre but it’s unquestionably one of the harder genres to make. Why? Because of its level of musicality. You see its roots come from Soul and Gospel. But in this tutorial we look at a chord progression shared by all three genres. (And of course Jazz!) The 2-5-1 movement is used across music … Read More

Creating Headphone Mixes In Logic Pro X

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Creating headphone mixes in Logic Pro X

Working from within my home studio for some years now I’ve recorded a lot of vocals. Sessions have always gone ok but I’ve always hated having to wear headphones. I’ve never had the privilege of a separate control room and you’re probably in the same boat. When I’ve visited or worked in big studios the engineer has always had his/her … Read More

Recording Vocals In Logic Pro X

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Recording Vocals in Logic Pro X

There are many ways to approach recording vocals in Logic Pro X. Enough to surely find a workflow that suits you. In this tutorial we look at my specific workflow. One based around Logic Pro X’s Track Stacks. We also take a look at the more universal aspects of recording vocals;  mic placement, setting levels and more. From the video … Read More