Making A Beat Using Analog Dreams

Analog Dreams Komplete 12 Collectors Edition

Despite being on hiatus, Native Instruments so ever so kindly blessed me with a copy of Komplete 12 Ultimate. My plans for the day were completely ruined as I spent the whole day jamming out with Analog Dreams. Created a beat and made a video! The track I made is a far cry from what I usually do but it’s … Read More

R&B Chord Progressions: 2-5-1

R&B chord progressions stefan guy

The 2-5-1 movement is used across music but heavily in Soul, Gospel and Jazz music. It’s used as a way to bridge the gap between chords and has a distinct sound I’m sure you’re familiar with. R&B has adopted this progression and has gone to town with it. We used to hear it a lot in the 90s but now … Read More