Creating Headphone Mixes In Logic Pro X

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Creating headphone mixes in Logic Pro X

Create separate headphone mixes for yourself & your artist in Logic Pro x. Working from within my home studio for some years now I’ve recorded a lot of vocals. Sessions have always gone ok but I’ve always hated having to wear headphones. I’ve never had the privilege of a separate control room and you’re probably in the same boat. When … Read More

Recording Vocals In Logic Pro X

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Recording Vocals in Logic Pro X

A brief look at how to record great sounding vocals in Logic Pro X. There are many ways to approach recording vocals in Logic Pro X. Enough to surely find a workflow that suits you. In this tutorial we look at my specific workflow. One based around Logic Pro X’s Track Stacks. We also take a look at the more … Read More

4 Ways To Quickly Improve Your Beats

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Improve your beats

Beat making is a skill and like any skill practice makes perfect. No GOOD practice makes perfect. Good practice comes from knowing what to practice in order to improve. I’ve got 4 tips for my fellow beat makers that I’ve used over the years to improve my beat making greatly. I. Remake songs This may sound counter productive as you won’t be able … Read More