Recording Vocals In Logic Pro X

Recording Vocals in Logic Pro X

There are many ways to approach recording vocals in Logic Pro X. Enough to surely find a workflow that suits you. In this tutorial we look at my specific workflow. One based around Logic Pro X’s Track Stacks. We also take a look at the more universal aspects of recording vocals;  mic placement, setting levels and more.  From the video … Read More

4 Ways To Quickly Improve Your Beats

Improve your beats

Beat making is a skill and like any skill practice makes perfect. No GOOD practice makes perfect. Good practice comes from knowing what to practice in order to improve. I’ve got 4 tips for my fellow beat makers that I’ve used over the years to improve my beat making greatly. This may sound counter productive as you won’t be able to do much … Read More

Using External Synths With Logic Pro X

In this video we look at how to set up external synthesisers with Logic Pro X. Logic Pro X allows us to harness and record the sounds from a wealth of outboard gear via MIDI.

Using An External HD with Logic Pro X

In this tutorial we look at how to install additional Logic Pro X Content on an external hard drive. When using Logic Pro X there are a few reasons that you may want to do this. Logic Pro X comes with over 60GB of additional content that you can install post downloading Logic Pro X.