Black Street – Don’t Leave Me Chord Progression


R&B stands for rhythm and blues. And although heartbreak and strife are universal; (we’ve all been there), along with Country music, R&B has the monopoly. It’s in the name, for goodness sake!

But it’s not just the lyrics that tell the story and make us feel a certain way; sadness can also manifest through music. And chords play a vital role in this.

In this video, I break down the chord progression used in Black Street’s “Don’t Leave Me.” Paying extra attention to the suspended chords and how they can help us convey a sad emotion.

Chord Diagrams

This chord progression is a popular one using the cycle of fourths for the most part. Many songs use the cycle of fourths. But what sets it apart is the chord voicings we use and the suspended chords into a 251 chord progression at the end. Just beautiful. Someone get me a tissue.

The voicings I’ve used here are slightly different from the ones used in the video. These are the voicings featured in my chord pack for this chord progression. This is SG Progression #19 in the pack.

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