The best R&B sounds and where to find them

It’s not just the chords that make R&B sound like R&B. That’s only half the equation. It’s also the sounds you use with said chords that maketh R&B. And, although R&B often follows the sound palette of the day, some sounds span multiple decades. Some sounds will come up time and time again. Some sounds are just quintessential RnB.

The Pitch Sine

In comes the pitch sine. What is it? The pitch sine is a sound that is constructed using sine waves, the purest wave and tone.

What makes the pitch sine unique however, is the “pitch” part of the name. The sound uses an envelope to pitch down the notes we play before raising them to the correct pitch of the keys we’ve played.

This movement creates a distinct sound, one that, when coupled with the purity of sine waves and fullness of R&B chord voicings, delivers a moving experience. And that quintessential R&B sound!

The problem is, not many VSTs come with these sounds out of the box. In fact, I haven’t found a single one. But not to worry, in this video, I show you exactly where to find them. Or you can simply hit the button below.


In order to use these sounds, you’ll need to have Serum installed on your computer. Thankfully, the same site we can download these sounds from is the same site we can trial or rent-to-own Serum.

Rent-to-own means you can pay for Serum in monthly instalments, at no extra cost. The beauty of it is that you can stop anytime then continue where you left off whenever you’re ready. This is perfect if you only want to use it for a month, or need to spend the money elsewhere the next month. Just be sure to bounce in place the tracks in your songs that use Serum.

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