5 MUST Have Studio Accessories

Studio accessories we often forget!

In this video we look at my 5 MUST have home studio accessories. When talking about home studios we often focus on the exciting parts, computers, DAWs, monitors etc. but often forget the bits that bring it all together. This list focuses on those small accessories that are often overlooked and forgotten about.

Here is the list with links to each item mentioned in the video.

Circle based stand

Let’s face it, most peoples’ home studio is either in their bedroom or a small spare room, space is a precious commodity, having a three legged stand just won’t cut it. That’s why I use circle based stands. They take up so much less real estate, are neat and very sturdy. You can pick one up here.

Sustain pedal

Ever played a real piano? You would have noticed it has three pedals. One of those pedals is a sustain pedal. It allows you to sustain your last played notes to give you time to travel across the keyboard and play following notes without leaving a gap of silence. This is a key characteristic of a piano and to create this sound on a MIDI controller it’s a good idea to have a sustain pedal! You can order one here.

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing please make sure your MIDI controller has a sustain, hold or damper pedal input. Not all MIDI controllers do so please do check first.

External hard drive

It’s good to keep all of your sounds and samples on an external hard drive to prevent storage issues and help keep your computer running fast. I use two 500GB and two 1TB  USB 3 external hard drives. They are also used to back my work up. A wise man once told me, “data doesn’t exist, unless it exists in two places.” Truer words have never been spoken. Take heed and buy an external hard drive here.

USB 3.0 hub

If like me you use a laptop as your studio computer you’ll quickly run out of USB ports. This can be a real pain but to ease that pain I’d recommend you to get a USB Hub. USB 3 is the new standard with most external hard drives now being USB 3. You’ll want your hub to match to get the best speed performance out of hard drives. Check out these hubs.

XLR cables

XLR Cables are use to connect microphones and some studio monitors. Get what you need for your current set up and if you can afford get one more spare. You can pick some up here.

1/4″ Jack cables

1/4″ jack cables are used to connect instruments (guitars, synths) and some studio monitors to your audio interface. Get your jacks.